November 28, 2009

Battening down the hatches

It still hasn’t really got cold so lots of stuff is still limping along when it should really be dying back. The shasta daisies are still flowering, which means their clumps are spreading unchecked. I’m desperate to chop them up into lovely new plants but can’t bring myself to sacrifice some of the few flowers in my garden.

Today I did manage to do quite a few things though (having been given a break from the diy). I sowed peas, sweet peas, alliums, lupins, sisyrinchiums and salvias. I’m not sure if the latter three should be sown in autumn or spring, but thought I’d give them a go.

I finally got round to untangling the strawberries and composted the majority of the runners. I still have about twenty new plants in pots, ready to give away next spring, along with the official box full and the colony that are taking over the flower bed. I should really dig some of these up, but I can’t see them getting so well established that they force any of the perennials to properly compete for nutrients so thought I’d leave them to it. I did give everything a bit of manure mixed with ash today, which I hope is good for them all. It looked nutritious anyway.

I’ve also left a fuchsia and salvia struggling in the shadow of the pink penstemons. I want to move them so they have a bit more of a chance but there really isn’t anywhere for them to go. Assuming they stay small I’ll take them with me when we move. At the moment there is so much stuff in pots I’m starting to think we’ll need an entire luton van just for the garden stuff when said moving day comes…

The Japanese Maple was repotted today - one pot size up, as instructed by the Bodwen Nursery. The roots looked good and dense and it’s now got a bit more manure and compost, plus the pot is the same size as the blueberries’ ones so it has achieved equal status.

I also moved the lupins (in pots) into Vince. I’m not worried about the frost getting them, more about all the new growth being munched away before they get going. They look quite happy anyway.